HelpServer_900x480Revision History


Version 3.0.1

What's new:

New CSS-based skins designed to improve the usability: there are Ocean and BlackCurrant themes with horizontal/vertical header. Tab bar is now always vertical.

Keyboard-only navigation support: Alt-C (TOC), Alt-I (Index), Alt-S (Search); Up/Down/Left/Right, Tab, Shift-Tab; Enter (open the document). In Firefox Alt = Alt+Shift; in Safari Alt = Shift; in Opera Alt = Shift-Esc, Shift.

Page scale change support (Ctrl-"+", Ctrl-"-" in most of browsers).

Opera & Safari support. So now it displays perfectly in 5 major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.


Misc. performance improvements.


Version 2.1.0

What's new:

Localization support

Custom TOC icons support

Configuration is completely redesigned.


Multi-topic index view refactoring

Automatic focusing on "Index" and "Search" keyword input fields

Hierarchical plain TOC is built by PlainToc.aspx.

Misc. performance improvements.


Index search doesn't work with unsorted indexes

TOC nodes without src attribute are clickable

An exception is thrown if 2 or more instances of Help Server are running on the same machine

A bug in Xtensive.HelpServer.Web.Content.OnInit (

Cannot extract data from some .Chm files

Invalid TOC/index encoding for .Chm files with plain TOC/index

NullReferenceException is thrown on merged .Chm files

"Access denied" error on attempt to load Help Server into the frame

Incorrect index structure if commas are used in index item titles

Application doesn't start if internet connection is relatively slow

Index item title is incorrect in case of presence "<", ">" characters  in title

Virtual directory created by installer doesn't contain Default.aspx in default document collection

Cache doesn't reflect tracker code changing.


Version 2.0.5

What's new:

GZip content compression support

Client-side caching control for static files (non-HTML files)

Google Analytics-like tracker code injection support

Possibility to disable icons in TOC tree ("DisplayIconsInToc" option)

XML data islands, namespace definitions and links to ms-help:* resources are removed from content files


HTTP Error 500.22 on IIS7

Index search doesn't work for [index title, sub-index title] strings

Scrolling in Index tab doesn't work in Google Chrome

Full-text index doesn't contain any data for separate .html files

Root node title is incorrect for .HxS files

Print function should not display TOC.


Version 2.0.1

What's new:

.HxS files support

Content caching is implemented. See new ContentExpirationPeriod option description in manual.

Full-text search engine now relies on Lucene.Net

URL API for full-text search and index lookup is added. Examples:


Help topic limit is decreased to 100 for Express Edition

Free updates period is extended to 12 months for Professional and Standard Editions. This is intact for existing Help Server license owners as well.


Bugs in keyword index structure parsing

Better compatibility with browsers

Other minor fixes.


Version 1.6.6


Client synchronization on changes in server help files is improved:

Synchronization starts on any server request, not only on tree updates

Only tree refreshes on synchronization, not the entire page.


Two "item" elements in the "Config.xml" file with identical "src" attribute cause an error.


Version 1.6.5

What's new:

Index tab becomes hidden if there are no indexes in all help files

Search tab becomes hidden if all help files don't contain full-text indexes

TOC folders containing no valid TOC items aren't shown.


Support for TOC items with URL-encoded local paths

Support for TOC items with external URLs (e.g.


Files with quite long names inside .Chm files could not be extracted properly

Help files with duplicate index items don't work as expected.


Version 1.6.1


Top frame URL synchronization is now handled automatically - hash part of Default.aspx URL is used to store content path.

"Sync" button is removed.


Wrong default URL on a single .Chm file

Using of a single HTML file from .Chm file as node in Config.xml doesn't work

Search button cause search frame postback for blank keyword

Search and Index tab places are restored

Index keyword don't reflecting in index list after sync in Firefox

Content hash may not restore on slow connection in Firefox

Minor fixes in PlainToc.aspx.


Version 1.5.5


Speed-related improvements:

Splitter position is restoring faster

Content hash is restoring faster

Sync button doesn't perform unnecessary page refreshes.

Print button doesn't open new browser window now (to show what will be printed)

Injection of JavaScript code to the document in content frame is disabled; its functions are now handled by new server-side and client-side code; MIME type detection is removed (it is unnecessary now)

All URLs are case-insensitive; all resource (scripts, images) paths are relative now (<base> tag is used)

Help Server now properly works as:

Default web site application, e.g.

Web application inside virtual directory, e.g.


Non-html files don't work

Problems with "Home" element on projects without Config.xml

Splitter behaves improperly on wrong URLs in Firefox

Splitter position was stored (saved) independently for each node

Background images of tabs may flicker in IE

Top frame displacement in IE and Firefox.


Version 1.5.3


Several minor problems with Config.xml support

Synchronization of files with non-.html extension doesn't work

Error page displays no any additional information about error in most cases.


Version 1.5.2


Online Help Viewer is renamed to Help Server


Several keyword and full-text index decoding problems are fixed, one of them is described here:


Version 1.5

What's new:

Index tab is added


CSS files are updated to support text size change

Help Viewer is now built for ASP.NET 2.0.
You need Visual Studio 2005 with Web Application Projects to use its source code. Required update is available here:


Left pane resizing doesn't work properly in Firefox

Help Viewer doesn't show content of nested .chm.


Version 1.0.5


Search feature is significantly improved.


Search result highlighting works improperly when "Match related words" flag is off.


Version 1.0.2


Handling file paths with spaces inside .Chm (search didn't work for documents with such paths).


Version 1.0.1


Splitter doesn't move when mouse is over search frame

Internet Explorer: appearance of scrollbar in the top frame after clicking on a link in the content frame.


Version 1.0

First public release.